It takes perseverance, resiliency and determination to become an entrepreneur. Owning your own business is not an easy task but it does allow you to chart your own course towards financial independence.

Our workshops are designed to help individuals starting to explore a new business endeavor as well as seasoned business owners who want to expand or discover new techniques to managing their business.

For close to 30 years West Company has been educating Mendocino County microenterprises on topics that Include: Business Licensing Requirements • Business Taxes • Business Plans • Financial Readiness • Business Loans • Marketing and Branding • Target Markets • Technology Tools for Business Productivity • Product Feasibility Studies. 

The pace of change in the new economy is moving faster than ever. Consider registering for one of our low cost/no cost workshops to get up to speed on new trends or introduce you to basic business principles to start your business.

West Company is here to help you along this journey.

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West Company offers no-cost personalized business consulting to start up entrepreneurs and business owners in Mendocino County.

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