Matthew and Stephanie Duncan, Ukiah

Slam Dunk Pizza

Judy, Ukiah

Stan's Maple Cafe

Ian was essential in getting my business started. I felt so overwhelmed with starting a business, especially with no money, that I was stuck in fear. But working with West Company gave me confidence because I felt like I wasn’t doing it alone; that I had people supporting me, reassuring me that I had a solid business plan, and that I had what it took to succeed. The three-year projections really helped me understand the financial aspect to the business: what I needed to charge and how many patients I would have to see in order to meet my financial goals. Just knowing West Company is there continues to motivate me.

Audrey Bertsch - Chiropractor, Ukiah

Ukiah Family Chiropractic

A huge Thank You to all the women at the West Company for your advice and assistance in helping me start my gardening business. Also for guiding me to set up a Website, Facebook Page and Google Account. Keep up the awesome work all of you!!

Katie Hontou, Fort Bragg

Katie's Gardening Service

West Company has been amazing! From our first meeting almost 8 months ago to today my business has really taken off. When I first met with my adviser my products were in mason jars and now in so little time, I am getting ready to open a shop in downtown Ukiah. West Company has been instrumental in pointing me in the right direction, steering me away from potential pitfalls and giving me the knowledge and encouragement I needed to build my business. Skye Creek Herbals, A Local Marketplace will open April 2nd 2012, and I could not have done it without the help from West Company!

Shelly Spellins, Ukiah

Skye Creek Herbals

West Company is a tremendous resource whether you are starting a new business, or like me, just needing to re-think and update how to maintain a business. My consultant is an encouraging teacher and patient counselor! She provided humor and support when helping me with financial organization and designing my on-line newsletter – two daunting tasks for me! Many people still don’t know about what West Company offers so I passing the word along!

Karin Uphoff, Mendocino

Rainbow Connection

Working with Heather has been an amazing learning tool. I now have a web presence for my new bussisness and I can manage my web page and update it as my business grows. She has given me the confidence to do what I love to do and direction on how to achieve my dreams. I always leave our meetings with my “to-do” list and look forward to sharing with her what I have discovered.

Linda Macahilas, Fort Bragg

Blue Moon Signature Weddings

“As the result of a consultation with the West Company, I now realize I was actually quite naive to the realities of how business works in today’s markets, and how entrepreneurship and philanthropy can interface. I also now realize that I had some pretty cockamamie ideas on how to begin to accomplish my objectives. Had it not been for West Company intervention, my attempts would have most certainly been doomed to ultimate failure.

Obviously, in business as in life there is no guarantee of success. But thanks to West Company, I am now in the process of growing my business in a cogent, organized, step by step method that will insure a much greater chance of ultimately succeeding in what I am trying to accomplish. With my new business knowledge skills and with the confidence that the West Company has helped me develop, I feel my chances of ultimate success have been significantly improved.”

Jim Bazil

In Situ Original Wildlife Images

The West Company has helped me figure out a way to get my business started without the substantial cost of diving right into a retail business. With Nancy Banker’s help, we figured out that an online retail business utilizing Chubby’s Shared Use Kitchen was a much more ‘boot-strap’ way of beginning.

Shelley Fields, Fort Bragg

Cocoa Bungalow Chocolates

Peter Marshall, Ukiah & Lakeport

Mendo Technet

Cate Hawthorne and Jeff Laxier, Fort Bragg

Liquid Fusion Kayaking

Even though I have been in business for a number of years, my work with West Company has been invaluable. They are helping me build a foundation under my existing business! That means I will be here for many years to come! Thank you West Company.

Laura Buckner

Happy Woman Jewelry

From my initial interview… I sensed a polite professionalism in the office. My subsequent meetings…have not only informed but inspired me . My consultant has been a Mentor of the finest caliber to me. The Staff/Program has always encouraged me to move steadily and safely towards developing my business.

Thank You West Company!

Ken Wilson, Ukiah

I No Sauce

I did the classes at West Company, which qualified me to take part in their IDA program. This is a program through AEDC that provides funding for starting a business. In the program, you open a savings account at Mendo Lake Credit Union. When you cash in your account, they match your funds 2 to 1. That means the money you save is tripled! I am in the process of purchasing a new computer, Adobe programs for graphic design, a digital camera for photographing artwork. In my present financial state, I would not be able to do this without this assistance. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your help.

Roberta Heist, Fort Bragg

Laughing Star Designs

Working with West Company has been such a wonderful and positive experience. Heather Gurewitz is so encouraging and has helped me navigate the ‘mystery’ of Google, among other things.

As sole proprietor of a one person photography business, I found it daunting to learn everything one needs to know about websites, marketing, and business plans, while actually doing my photography work. I was a bit discouraged and overwhelmed before I became a client of West Company.

Many thanks to Heather, Melissa and all the wonderful people at West Company for your guidance and for helping me grow my business.

Denise De Luise, Mendocino

Denise De Luise Photography

The West Company has supported me for 16 years in a couple of ways. First of all, they have provided me with tremendous resources, information, and friendly encouragement. Secondly, just knowing they exist (helping small businesses such as mine) keeps me going. I don’t feel as isolated as I might in a small community without West Company.

Erica Fielder, Fort Bragg

Erica Fielder Studio

I just want to thank West Company for helping my dream come true. This is what I am meant to be doing and it has been an amazing experience!

Taylor Slevin, Mendocino

Mendocino Sandpiper Jewelry

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