Mary Anne Petrillo, CEO of West Company

Ms. Petrillo was hired in January 2017 to build capacity and deliver new programs including training/workshop and business advising the meets the needs of the new economy. She came to this position with decades of management experience and business ownership. Petrillo’s resume includes over 25 years of strategic marketing and communication experience in the education and the high-tech sector.  She began her career as an entrepreneur running her own communications agency in downtown San Francisco, serving clients in the financial, healthcare and construction industries. She was an early adopter of technology and advocated for its use as a learning tool within the public education system. Later she became a Director of Marketing for several national education technology companies, including Scientific Learning, Kaplan K12,, and The Learning Company.  Prior to this appointment, Petrillo worked for nine years in corporate social responsibility as the digital strategy lead for the technology company, Cisco in San Jose. Her work there centered on creative ways to stimulate dialogue on how innovative technologies are being used by non-profits to address some of today’s most difficult challenges.

Steve Lamb, Business Advisor Director

Steve Lamb has worked with West Company clients since 2012.  Steve brings over 20 years of experience in management and operations in the telecommunications industry and has owned his own company, the Interview Team. Steve’s particular areas of expertise include strategic and tactical planning, budgeting and financial analysis, project development and management, and creating and maintaining positive relationships with governmental and regulatory agencies. Steve also excels in a number of human resources areas including maximizing employee productivity and maintaining high employee morale, managing high risk employees, and developing supervisors and managers. Steve says that one of his favorite things about working with West Company clients is “suggesting clients look at a particular issue from a perspective which is different from any they previously considered. Suddenly I can see from their body language and facial expressions they now understand the point I’m trying to make and the impact it can have on their business venture. This is the advantage of the clarity and non-emotional analysis of being on the outside looking in.”

Jo Williams, Administrative Assistant

Jo has been an administrative coordinator at West Company since April 2017. From the corporate world to teaching at the elementary school level to running a non-profit organization, Jo has allowed her many interests to be expressed throughout her career. Pursuing an education, she earned an M.A. in Education and taught at the elementary school level. She moved on to work with the Sacramento County Office of Education as a curriculum writer, workshop facilitator and presenter. Pursuing an interest in assisting individuals nearing end of life, Jo became a certified massage therapist specializing in working with several hospices in Sacramento. She founded and ran a non-profit organization providing support to those with chronic and terminal illness. As West Company’s superstar administrative coordinator, she is focused on the highest level of data capture that our grants require. She is highly diligent, processing and reviewing hundreds Community Development Block Self-Certifications (CDBG) as well as compiling and maintaining client files to ensure adherence excellence to all program guidelines.

Kevin Williams, Client Services Manager

Mr. Williams has over 25 years of leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies. He has a diverse background in the telecommunications field and in the cable television industry. As a founder and managing partner of FutureDecisions LLC he spent 9 years working primarily with non-profit organizations, government agencies and the private sector consulting on career planning, workforce succession planning, strategic planning, generational challenges, human resources and leadership coaching. His last corporate position was that of Vice President of Customer Service in the cable industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and Human Resources. At the West Company his areas of expertise include human resources, operational issues, and marketing and general business dynamics. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the position founded in his years in large corporations and running his own successful business.

Lila Van Meter, Womens Business Center Program Director

Lila Van Meter joined the West Company as the Women’s Business Center Director in April 2018 to assume a leadership role focused on helping local emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive in today’s economy. She is committed and passionate about educating clients on relevant and current digital strategies including analytics, social media, SEM, and SEO to grow their business. Lila’s love for all things marketing began in the late 1990’s during the advent of the online business. A successful consultant with 12 years of experience, she has worked with a range of clients including Pottery Barn, Birkenstock, Avalon Natural Products and with DripWorks in Willits.

Contract Consultants

In addition to our staff, West Company contracts with local and regional professionals to provide business advising to our clients.


Donna Montag, Financial Analysis Consultant

Donna Montag joined West Company as a contract consultant in 2012 and specializes in management accounting. Donna has over 20 years of experience doing senior accounting work and is a certified management accountant with both broad and deep experiences in the analysis of financial statements and in computer systems. Donna can assist business owners in evaluating bookkeeping systems and bookkeepers, and in determining what individuals can and cannot do for themselves. She has experience as a “fixer” who can go into a complicated situation, clean up a mess, and get the business back on track. She is also skilled at helping business owners streamline and improve the efficiency of financial systems. Donna is known for always looking at financial management and with a positive, non-judgmental attitude and a sense of humor. She excels at helping local businesses improve their business models.

Steve O’Mara, Business Development & Marketing Consultant

Stephen “SteveO” O’Mara is the owner of O’Mara & Company Consulting which provides development and training resources for individuals, agencies, organizations, and entities seeking feasibility research, planning, training, and support for business and work-readiness interests and activities. He has been working with West Company microenterprise clients in inland Mendocino County since 2002.  SteveO’s primary service location is Ukiah. He has assisted clients in a myriad of business sectors including business valuation, retail, wholesale, light manufacturing, service, and community service. SteveO is developer and instructor for West Company’s Business Basics workshop. SteveO also teaches Business courses at Mendocino Community College and provides training and curriculum for job seekers at MPIC, Inc., one of West Company’s economic development partners in Mendocino County.

Joyce Perlman, Brand identity Consultant

Joyce Perlman is an accomplished Design Producer with over 20 years of experience directing user interface design and visual communication projects for leading technology companies, including Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Electronic Arts, and growing startups. She is proficient at directing creative teams tasked with executing strategy, design, user experience and programming for marketing communications projects, mobile and online. Joyce is working with West Company clients on Branding, Marketing and Design Strategy. She has developed a methodology for working with small businesses to guide them in defining their brand, target market and key messages, focusing on how it is applied to their marketing communication deliverables; identity, collateral, and websites.

Cynthia Lamon, Patent Agent

Cynthia Lamon is a versatile professional with more than 17 years of experience in intellectual property specializing in patent drafting, searching and prosecution on a global scale. Registered patent Agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Expertise in telecommunications, electrical, computer/software, and Biotech (Green Industrial Friendly), as well as comprehensive understanding of new AIA laws and new patentability determination procedures.

Julia Siderakis, Restaurant Specialist

This year marks 35 years in the restaurant industry for Julia Siderakis. Starting her restaurant career in San Jose, she had worked every position from the back of the house to the front. For 27 of the 35 years, Julia and her family have owned and operated the Ukiah Garden Cafe here in Mendocino County training and working with her staff and sharing much of her hands-on and studies experience instructing students of the Culinary Arts Management and Business certification programs at Mendocino Community College in dining room service, management, and customer service courses.  She finds the restaurant field a prosperous business venture if operated with the right financial planning, customer oriented focus, marketing outreach, and future planning to remain competitive. She is very excited to join the team of West Company advisors.

Anni Minuzzo, Kitchen to Market

With over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, 20 of which were spent owning a wholesale baking company, Anni Minuzzo learned the ups and downs of the specialty food business.  With customers such as Williams-Sonoma, Dean & Deluca, Neiman-Marcus and Whole Foods, she has a broad network of professional associations and a long lens on the industry’s trend culture.  For the past 14 years she has been sharing her expertise through workshops, consulting, coaching and serving as an expert legal witness for the food industry.


Rachael Adams, E Commerce Specialist 

Rachael Victoria Adams is the owner of Caspar Curiosities, an art gallery and boutique in the rural village of Caspar, California. She has been selling art and antiques online since 1996 and e-commerce is a crucial aspect of the success of her business. She currently has three thriving e-commerce shops on both Etsy and EBay representing her physical store in Caspar. Rachael has mastered the ins and outs of these internet platforms as well as adapted and grown with the progression of their technology.

Megan Goodall, Quickbooks Online

After years of experience in data analysis Megan transitioned out of field work to a different type of data analysis career – bookkeeping. Her career came to be after she applied her past career training to her family’s finances and crushed over $60,000 worth of personal debt. After this a lightbulb went off; Megan experienced joy and relief realizing that being financially sound provided her the freedom to give back financially to the community and charitable organizations. She is inspired to help others. Through her love for entrepreneurship, Megan decided to start assisting businesses so that they, in turn, can impact their personal lives and positively influence others.

Baqi Kopelman, Content Creation & Digital Media Specialist

Baqi Kopelman has created, produced, scripted and directed over 800 unique medical, real estate and other professional commercials for national campaigns for healthcare and business marketing companies. These commercials feature the individual doctors as the star of each 30 second spot. Additionally, Baqi produces high level photography for companies and individuals.



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