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Hopland Tap House

Hopland Tap House

Location: Hopland

Doing business since 2012

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“[West Company was] a great resource for business planning, and was an instrumental asset while editing my business plan and financial projections.”

Hopland Tap House is located in the former Hopland Brewery off Highway 101 in Hopland. Jennifer Sullivan fell in love with the Hopland area and moved to Hopland from San Jose in April of 2012. She renovated the space and opened the Hopland Tap House for business in December of 2012. The Tap House serves beer, wine, sandwiches, chili, and a variety of other high-quality entrees and offers live music, televised sports, and other events to entertain patrons. Jennifer has had great reviews of her food, drink, and service.

When she had the idea to open the tap house, Jennifer knew she needed some help. Jennifer is an accomplished cook, but had never owned a restaurant business before and needed assistance writing a viable business plan. She had some savings to invest in the project, but knew that money would be tight and that commercial banks would be unlikely to approve a loan for her business. She sought assistance in negotiating a favorable lease, planning how to start the business with very limited cash, and how to manage the finances of the business once it was up and running.

As she navigated the start-up process, Jennifer worked with Nancy Banker on her business plan. Nancy also helped her negotiate a lease with her landlord. Jennifer applied for a loan which was not approved, and West Company then helped her come up with a revised plan to open the Tap House by “bootstrapping.” With Nancy Banker’s help, Jennifer was able to get a small loan from a local lender to purchase a point of sale system for her business. West Company also brought an expert restaurant consultant, Deagon Williams, to consult with Jennifer on menu planning, cost reduction, ordering and purchasing, and other essential issues, and Nancy Banker continued to assist Jennifer with financial management throughout the planning and startup period.

When she opened the Hopland Tap House, Jennifer Sullivan created six new jobs in Hopland. Jennifer says that Nancy Banker was “a great resource for business planning, and was an instrumental asset while editing my business plan and financial projections.”  Jennifer also appreciated the help of Deagon Williams, and said Deagon “is amazing and savvy, wise in the dynamics of the restaurant business and helped to give me the confidence I needed to go for it!”

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