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Audrey Bertsch – Chiropractor

Audrey Bertsch - Chiropractor

Location: Hopland

Doing business since 2005

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“I felt so overwhelmed with starting a business, especially with no money, that I was stuck in fear. But working with West Company gave me confidence because I felt like I wasn’t doing it alone; that I had people supporting me, reassuring me that I had a solid business plan, and that I had what it took to succeed.”

Dr. Audrey Jade is a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, and healthy aging. She helps pregnant women with discomforts associated with pregnancy such as: low back pain, sciatica, and headaches. She also helps them prepare for a healthy natural birth by aligning the pelvis so the baby can be in the best position for birth and come out as easily as possible. Dr. Jade helps babies with torticollis, colic, nursing problems, digestion issues, and constipation. In addition, Dr. Jade works with the aging population to manage chronic pain, chronic disease, balance, vertigo, and wellness. With a background in massage therapy and a love of chiropractic, Dr. Jade uses adjustments as well as massage, stretching, and whole food supplements to correct subluxations and get her patients healthy. Dr. Jade was born and raised in Mendocino County and recently moved back to build her career and raise her children. She also speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

Dr. Jade received a line of credit for $10,000, which allowed her to rent an office space, buy a chiropractic table and other necessary equipment, and opened for business in July 2015.

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