Mary Anne Petrillo, Executive Director

Mary Anne joined West Company as Executive Director in December 2016.  She served on the West Company Board for the past several years.  Since 2004 Mary Anne has owned a home in Mendocino. Two years ago she and her husband became full time residents. She loves the beauty of the county, the spirit of the people and wants to see businesses flourish and individuals continue to make this county their home.  Prior to joining West Company, Mary Anne was responsible for the marketing and communication strategy that supports Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) global efforts on Education and Economic Development. Her duties included the management and content curation of all digital platforms for Cisco CSR and the Cisco Networking Academy program. She has created editorial hubs and developed social media channels to showcase impact stories of people and technology converging to bring about positive change.

Steve Lamb, Business Advisor Director

Steve Lamb has worked with West Company clients since 2012.  Steve brings over 20 years of experience in management and operations in the telecommunications industry and has owned his own company, the Interview Team. Steve’s particular areas of expertise include strategic and tactical planning, budgeting and financial analysis, project development and management, and creating and maintaining positive relationships with governmental and regulatory agencies. Steve also excels in a number of human resources areas including maximizing employee productivity and maintaining high employee morale, managing high risk employees, and developing supervisors and managers. Steve says that one of his favorite things about working with West Company clients is “suggesting clients look at a particular issue from a perspective which is different from any they previously considered. Suddenly I can see from their body language and facial expressions they now understand the point I’m trying to make and the impact it can have on their business venture. This is the advantage of the clarity and non-emotional analysis of being on the outside looking in.”

Contract Consultants

In addition to our staff, West Company contracts with local and regional professionals to provide business advising to our clients.

Nancy Banker, Financial Consultant

Nancy S. Banker joined the West Company as a contract consultant in 2009. Since then she has advised more than 135 West Company clients.  Nancy has over 35 years experience in multiple markets including small rural business development and operations, software as a service, healthcare and educational research and development. She currently devotes her time to mentoring and assisting rural small businesses to thrive, overcome financial obstacles and succeed in a difficult economic and climate.

Ms. Banker has helped small businesses overcome difficulties; buy, sell or expand a business; secure financing; improve operations; manage partnership relations; recruit and manage employees; and negotiate difficult situations.

“There is no satisfaction as great as being able to help a business owner achieve his or her dream! Except perhaps going on a trek in Peru.”

Ruth Dobberpuhl, Bookkeeping Consultant

Ruth Dobberpuhl has been working as West Company’s bookkeeper for 10 years, and she uses her experience of almost 30 years of bookkeeping to help some of West Company’s clients understand the ins and outs of accounting, charts of accounts, POS systems, Quickbooks software, budgeting, office organization, and other essential business issues. She is a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, and is known for her meticulous reconciliations that are always accurate to the penny. In addition to extensive bookkeeping experience, Ruth is also a certified water treatment operator and chemist and has worked for the US Geological Survey, as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia, and as a substitute teacher. Ruth is an avid cycler, music lover, gardener, and storyteller, and if you ask nicely she may tell you about one of her first jobs: working as a carhop at an A&W restaurant in Wisconsin.

John Keleher, Sales Consultant

John Keleher brings over 10 years of consulting and entrepreneurial experience to West Company clients. Previously, John founded and served as Managing Director of Benton Consulting, LLC. where he had the opportunity to work with a multitude of small businesses, non-profits, and large corporations. John later became founder and CEO of ARMS, a database product company where he led three years of over 300% revenue growth and a successful transition to new ownership. John loves the art of starting businesses. He values helping clients set and achieve their goals and has a knack for driving sales growth. When not consulting, John can be found pursuing his passion for sustainable food–in the field farming or in the kitchen conjuring delicious and healthful food.

Donna Montag, Financial Analysis Consultant

Donna Montag joined West Company as a contract consultant in 2012 and specializes in management accounting. Donna has over 20 years of experience doing senior accounting work and is a certified management accountant with both broad and deep experiences in the analysis of financial statements and in computer systems. Donna can assist business owners in evaluating bookkeeping systems and bookkeepers, and in determining what individuals can and cannot do for themselves. She has experience as a “fixer” who can go into a complicated situation, clean up a mess, and get the business back on track. She is also skilled at helping business owners streamline and improve the efficiency of financial systems. Donna is known for always looking at financial management and with a positive, non-judgmental attitude and a sense of humor. As a 40-year resident of the Mendocino Coast, she says she really enjoys “helping local businesses improve their business models

Steve O’Mara, Business Development & Marketing Consultant

Stephen “SteveO” O’Mara is the owner of O’Mara & Company Consulting which provides development and training resources for individuals, agencies, organizations, and entities seeking feasibility research, planning, training, and support for business and work-readiness interests and activities. He has been working with West Company microenterprise clients in inland Mendocino County since 2002. He began professionally in Microenterprise in 1995 in Sacramento. SteveO has assisted clients in a myriad of business sectors including retail, wholesale, light manufacturing, service, and community service. SteveO is also one of the trainers for West Company’s Inland workshops such as the Building a Better Business series. SteveO also teaches Business courses at Mendocino Community College and provides training and curriculum for job seekers at MPIC, Inc., one of West Company’s economic development partners in Mendocino County. SteveO also has a background in theatrical production and was the founder and producing director of Stagewright Presentations, a live theater company in Sacramento County.

Sheilah Rogers, Consultant

Sheilah is the founding CEO of West Company, one of the first domestic microenterprise development organizations that focused on low- income women’s economic challenges and their paths to social and economic well-being. As the leader of West Company, she participated in national initiatives to achieve best practices to bring disenfranchised women into the economy and to advocate for public policies that support their entrepreneurship. She counts 30 years of leadership and advocacy for microenterprise as the sustainable economic development strategy for rural economies. She is a founder and former board member of CAMEO, the California Association for MicroEnterprise Opportunity and AEO, the Association for Enterprise Opportunity. Sheilah holds a Masters Degree in International Development from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. In retirement, Sheilah has focused on one of the Six Targets of Opportunity for economic growth on the North Coast – Specialty Agriculture, Food and Beverage including producers, value added manufacturers, distributors, local vendors. She currently serves on the Mendocino County Food Policy Council, the North Coast Regional Food Systems Network and the Mendocino College Culinary Arts Advisory Committee. Each of these efforts is working to build a sustainable local food system that reduces hunger, increases healthy eating and expands economic vitality.

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