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Oco Time

Oco Time

Location: Ukiah

Doing business since 2003

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OCO TIME is a California-Japanese Cuisine Restaurant. We serve our specialty, the OCO, California style sushi and Japanese dishes, including lots of vegetarian selections!

We started Oco Time California cuisine Japanese restaurant in the summer of 2003 in downtown Ukiah.

We appreciate West Company for all of their help. I still remember everything they have done for us with warm feelings.

They helped us with our first loan in the United States. Their support system covers not only learning how to make a business plans or use QuickBooks, but also encouragement and help to more clearly move towards our own vision.  It was a great experience where those who worked at West Company and their clients who also took the classes were excited with us, about opening Oco Time and encouraged my husband & me all throughout the process. It was a priceless experience for us, especially, because we were new in this community.

I believe that West Company is a huge community asset. They make people’s possibilities expand and connect those whose goals are to achieve.

We opened IT’S TIME Grab & Go Ukiah Store in 2007 and IT’S TIME Willits Store in 2013. We are still very excited to continue our business! Thank you West Company!

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